From: Dan Kennedy

Make them gasp.
Make them "buzz" about you.
Make them believe.
Make them buy.

How To Put The 21 Principles of MAKING THEM BELIEVE
To Work For Your Business Purposes….
to Fuel Your Own Fame And Fortune….
to Intrigue Your Customers…
and Invigorate Your Advertising, Marketing and Promotion
with High Drama and Magnetic Attractive Power.

Dear Friend & 'Serious Student',

You've read the MAKING THEM BELIEVE book, and there been introduced to The 21 Principles we've extracted from the marketing that fueled Dr. John Brinkley's extraordinary dominance of an entire field of business and that captured the entire nation's fascination, quite literally MAKING people buy.  If the heart beating in your chest is that of a true marketer, you are as amused, amazed and fascinated with Dr. Brinkley as I was when I first discovered him….and eager to do the most thorough job possible in bringing these 21 Principles to bear for your business and your financial gain.

To that end, Chip Kessler and I have put together the most unique package of resources imaginable. So, let's get right to it…. my letter here is short, just 3 pages, and straightforward….

This amazing Archives Collection includes complete and completely authentic copies of THE DR. BOOK and two other key pieces of Brinkley sales literature. The book A TRIBUTE TO DR. BRINKLEY, and the booklet AFTER 21 YEARS, A DREAM COME TRUE – reprinted so you can remove them from the Manual and examine them just as a prospective patient would have….read the fascinating sales copy, study them, get a sense of them. There are also audio recordings of actual Dr. Brinkley radio broadcasts. Not re-creations. The ACTUAL, complete broadcasts. Plus written transcripts for easy note-taking. Plus 13 iconic photographs. This is a treasure chest of Brinkley persuasion brought to life for you, placed into your hands for close examination!

Reading the book we've written about Dr. Brinkley's marketing is one thing. Stepping into your personal Time Machine and traveling back through time to sit by your radio and hear his Sunday evening health talks just as prospective patients did….to page through and read his most persuasive booklets as a prospective patient did….this will stimulate your own creative marketing imagination s nothing else can! 
Along with the Archives Collection, a comprehensive reference and "how to" Manual to facilitate your profitable use of The 21 Principles. The huge Manual includes notes;  challenging, self-diagnostic questions to ask yourself about The 21 Principles – as a means of being your own consultant and coach; an Action Guide for you to use in applying The 21 Principles to your business in a practical and disciplined manner; discussion of The 21 Principles with Chip Kessler on two audio CD's; and my own exclusive presentation about the importance of John Brinkley and The 21 Principles, on an audio CD titled 'Unlimited Riches' that I'm certain you'll want to listen to repeatedly to extract full value.  (And, as bonus, 14 classic 'medicine show' ads from my personal 'swipe files', and 3 legendary ad campaigns for 'cures' examined.)

MY Pledge. THIS Is Different Very Different.

As you know, I've been putting together marketing training materials, resources and tools for over 30 years. Pre-CD's, my audio recordings consumed enough tape to circle the globe many times. If you own every resource I've ever developed (as some self-made millionaires do!), that library requires its own room….no problem if you've applied even just bits 'n pieces, your wealth has certainly been enhanced.  While I'm proud of all I've put forward, prouder of some of these 'children' of mine than others, I have never had the opportunity to bring as unique a resource as this to you.  I know from personal experience how in-depth study of a truly remarkable marketer's life, times and methods can ignite a wave of sales and marketing breakthroughs to far greater extent than just being told about or reading about methods.  This isn't more information. It is inspiration!

Personally, I've gone to great extremes to find and acquire rare archival items from past marketing masters – from Napoleon Hill's original newsletters, magazines and sales letters to sales materials from the likes of Barnum, Houdini, one of the earliest personal growth promoters, Edmund Shaftesbury, to more contemporary figures like Ogilvy in advertising, Jerry Buchanan in info-marketing.  Once I discovered Dr. Brinkley, had I been offered the chance of getting actual copies of his radio broadcasts and sales literature, I'd have cheerfully paid thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars to get it, just as I have done to obtain such items originating with other extraordinary figures in the evolution of direct marketing. In toto, I have invested over $200,000.00 in obtaining such items for my personal library – not just to collect, but to draw from, giving myself the advantages of greater depth of understanding and greater creative inspiration.  If you emulate me or are ready to, then collecting, learning from and being inspired by "giants" is mandatory.

Fortunately, at least in this instance, you need not search…pay out large sums….and painstakingly assemble this rare find for yourself.  Thanks to Chip Kessler's efforts, you need make no such major investment.  This material has been assembled for you at great effort and cost, possible only because of Chip Kessler's familial connection (by marriage) to the Brinkley clan, and the cooperation of a team of researchers and archivists at the Kansas State Historical Society.  But, incredibly, for less than $500.00, you can own the fascinating archive items as well as mine and Chip's in-depth analysis, commentary and tools for application of The 21 Principles.  (A price increase to $997.00 is intended in the near future. The present, obviously, surprisingly low investment is for the introduction of this program.)

Use the following Acquisition Form to get  this ground-breaking program rushed into your hands, while available at its low introductory price. An exciting sales and income breakthrough for your business lies between its covers, in its archival items, in its CD's, waiting for you!


Dan S. Kennedy

PS: If you've read the MAKING THEM BELIEVE book, this should be a "non-decision" for you!  If you somehow arrived here without first reading the book, I urge you to go to, or your favorite bookseller and get a copy rushed to you. I promise, you won't be able to put it down.

Extra PS from Chip Kessler –

What a fascinating experience it's been, working on this project with a true legend in the marketing field, Dan Kennedy, conducting in-depth analysis of a legendary, iconic American rogue marketing genius Dr. John Brinkley. As Dan and I extracted and codified The 21 Principles, and chose the Brinkley archive items and examples that illustrate them, it became clearer and clearer to me just how powerful an impact all this could have on any business, in any field.  This is truly a unique work.  We are extremely proud of it, and know you will be pleased to own it, and will profit from it.

If you happen to be atop some association, membership organization, sales organization, etc. for which you conduct regularly scheduled tele-seminars, webinars or coaching calls, or would like to organize a special tele-event, I am available to be interviewed on the book and this Course. I am also available for speaking engagements, schedule permitting. For these purposes, please contact me directly at or toll-free at 1-888-206-2244.

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